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Grab & Go Picnic Bundle

We created this box so that everyone can enjoy a spontanious picnic without the hassle. 

Every box comes with a hand screened Pine & Lily tote bag, a large Turkish blanket, Root Elixir cocktail mixers and bottle opener, What's Pop-in Gourmet Popcorn and a buffalo shaped sugar cookie from Buffalo Cake Pops. 

Now all you need is the company. 


Luxury Picnic Packages


The Small Details

  • We know your anxiously waiting, so we'll ship your box in 2-3 buisness days.

  • We personally hand screened every box and tote bag with our logo to ensure consistent high quality products. 

  • ​Our promise to never order in bulk to ensure our popcorn and cookies are always fresh.​

  • It was our top priority that all items in our box come from Woman or Black owned buisness to do our part in supporting marginalized communities. 

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